scepos at a glance

Fast & Easy to Use Tool

Scepos' on-demand delivery model, which requires no on-premise installation of hardware/software and no IT intervention, can be deployed within two months for virtually any size organization. Thanks to a clear and intuitive design, it will only take you a few minutes to understand how to navigate through the tool and to find the right resource for your need, at the right time.

Smart Collateral Management & Diffusion

Scepos gives you a customizable Collateral Grid, fast and easy to use, where you can store all your field marketing collaterals and that helps you find the right document for your need based on predetermined horizontal and vertical axis.

Plan & Execute your Events Online

The Event Planner gives you a clear central overview of your field marketing activities, with categories to easily organize them depending on where the activity takes place, which type it is, who is leading, which unit is concerned, etc… It can also be integrated with Aprimo Marketing Studio On-Demand to avoid task repetition and remove discrepancies between systems.

Instantly Order the Adequate Materials

Our shops are integrated with the Scepos Event Planner so that once an event has been selected you will automatically have a specific selection of giveaways and/or booths that are adequate for this event. But they do work as normal shops too, where you can order any materials that you may need and our team will take care of getting them to the right place at the right time.

Centralized Data Management & Storage

Upload all your marketing resources into the automated Scepos portal so that you have a centralized storage point, where you can easily access the materials that you need, at any time, and regardless of the location you are in.

Be Informed about New Collateral Additions

By defining your feed preferences in your user profile, you can keep yourself informed about new additions to the portal, about interesting content that has been rated and about the most downloaded & best-rated content available on the portal.

Analyze & Improve Portal Usage

Use our Big Brother functionality to analyze how your team is using the Scepos portal and to determine whether new features or sections need to be added to enhance your usage of the portal. You can also use our multi-task feedback form to contact us concerning requests for portal improvements, modifications, or any query that you may have concerning the usage and functionalities of Scepos.