Content Management

Arming all customer-facing employees with the best marketing assets, insights and market intelligence enables them to deliver a more targeted value proposition during every customer interaction. The Content Manager helps you do just that, from anywhere and at anytime.

Event Execution

Efficient event management and execution is crucial for field marketers. To achieve this, the use of an Event Planning Tool can be of great help to keep a central overview of all field marketing activities, to order the appropriate materials based on the selected event and to effectively manage events within different systems.

Software Integration

Systems Integration plays a key role in today's highly integrated enterprise. Reducing duplication of processes and documents, and achieving a seamless flow of information between systems are just some examples of what can be achieved with it. Therefore SCEPOS can be integrated with Aprimo Marketing Studio On-Demand or any other marketing automation software (or SaaS).

Push Technology

By defining their RSS feed preferences, users can control the flow of information that they receive and keep up-to-date with the latest collateral additions to the portal, with the best-rated content available or with the most downloaded documents in your field of work.

Integrated Back-Office

Having a specifically assigned back-office specialist who understands your business, knows your company and customers, and will handle all the requests you may have and the logistics associated to them, will indubitably achieve higher operational effectiveness, greater flexibility and lower operational costs.

Usage Optimization

Facilitating ongoing improvement of messaging, alignment and assets, and informing about the intensity and type of usage for each portal section can easily be achieved through the Big Brother Analysis Feature of SCEPOS.

Usage Analysis

Administrator accounts have access to our usage optimization tool called "Big Brother". Here, you will be able to access reports on portal usage per section, per person, per country, etc. It also gives you an overview of the number of portal logins, downloads for a certain collateral, and page views.

Scepos Help Center

Since Scepos versions 1 to 3 (Lite to Execution) do no include Back-Office Support, we have specifically designed a help center for the portal where you will be able to find all the answers to your questions on how to use the portal. There, you will find tutorial videos taking you step-by-step through the Scepos functionnalities and some important information about the portal.

Feedback Form

Once you have identified a section or page that you would like to change or improve, additionnal collateral or materials that you would like to have posted on the portal, or in the case where you can't find the answer to your need in the Scepos Help Center, you can use the feedback form to contact us and we will react to your request in about 2 working days.