Content Management

Arming all customer-facing employees with the best marketing assets, insights and market intelligence enables them to deliver a more targeted value proposition during every customer interaction. The Content Manager helps you do just that, from anywhere and at anytime.

Event Execution

Efficient event management and execution is crucial for field marketers. To achieve this, the use of an Event Planning Tool can be of great help to keep a central overview of all field marketing activities, to order the appropriate materials based on the selected event and to effectively manage events within different systems.

Event Calendar

The event calendar gives you a central overview of all your field marketing events. You can easily sort them with the use of categories and see all the event details by simply clicking on the event in the calendar. Once you have selected an event, the full event details (such as venue, organizer, expected visitors, etc.) will become visible. It is also possible to add documents, presentations or attendee list to each event in order to have all the adequate collateral immediately available.


Thanks to our customizable integrated booth shop, you can also easily order the specific materials for the event (booth, banners, pop-ups, etc.) since each type of materials present in the boothshop can be linked to a particular event or campaign.


Knowledge Exchange Center

Through the knowledge exchange center, industry top experts can be recruited to attend events and share their knowledge or experience on specific subjects. A best practices section is also available, where case studies and go-to-market strategies can be consulted in order to market products in the best way possible.

Software Integration

Systems Integration plays a key role in today's highly integrated enterprise. Reducing duplication of processes and documents, and achieving a seamless flow of information between systems are just some examples of what can be achieved with it. Therefore SCEPOS can be integrated with Aprimo Marketing Studio On-Demand or any other marketing automation software (or SaaS).

Push Technology

By defining their RSS feed preferences, users can control the flow of information that they receive and keep up-to-date with the latest collateral additions to the portal, with the best-rated content available or with the most downloaded documents in your field of work.

Integrated Back-Office

Having a specifically assigned back-office specialist who understands your business, knows your company and customers, and will handle all the requests you may have and the logistics associated to them, will indubitably achieve higher operational effectiveness, greater flexibility and lower operational costs.

Usage Optimization

Facilitating ongoing improvement of messaging, alignment and assets, and informing about the intensity and type of usage for each portal section can easily be achieved through the Big Brother Analysis Feature of SCEPOS.