About us

Modern Field Marketers use SCEPOS marketing automation expertise and technology to power their daily field marketing operation. Why?

Increased win rate

  • Arming salespeople with the best marketing assets, insights and market intelligence enables them to deliver a more targeted value proposition during every customer interaction, dramatically improving the win rate.
  • Proven and effective content.

Decreased sales cycle length

  • Enabling accelerated development of solution proposals, better preparation prior to each sales interaction, and use of highly targeted and personalized customer deliverables, SCEPOS compresses every stage of the buying process.

Expense reduction

  • On-demand marketing asset generation decreases collateral print, inventory and distribution costs
  • Content development expense associated with unused marketing collateral is eliminated
  • Single Back Office organization generation to revenue.

Get started on The Road to Modern Marketing today. It works.

SCEPOS, the field marketing system for B2B marketers, is a product of Blueprojects BV. The company's cloud software, and professional services provide marketers with the technology and expertise needed to help marketing drive revenue. The company is headquartered in Amsterdam.